The Périgord Region

Welcome to the Perigord, a region within the Aquitaine !

The Romans in the first century BC gave the name Aquitaine to the region that nestles between the Atlantic to the west, the northern slopes of the Pyrenees to the south and in the east backs on to the ancient volcanoes of the Massif Central.

The Dordogne region, in turn lies inland and is one of the largest in France. The Perigord is a country in itself and exhibits considerable diversity; the clement, temperate, oceanic climate together with the sunny outlook has been beneficial for the flourishing growth of nature.

The wide valleys, the shelters, the prodigious number of natural sites that time has created over millennia are particularly illustrated in the many underground caves and formations. These magical places seem to have been waiting for Homa Sapiens; wise men who made the Perigord one of the cradles of humanity.


  • Markets : terrific local and evening markets every day of the week.


The Caves and Sinkholes

Botanical Gardens



Events & Festivals

Leisure activities

Prehistoric Museum, walnut museum, truffle visit, wine tasting, horse carriage rides, horse riding, boat rides, hot air balloon rides, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, water parks, mountain biking, Via Ferrata, golf …

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